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Carousel Vehicle Turntables

Installation on a Concrete Base

DELIVERY: As the Carousel is a full kitset it arrives palletised and can be moved on-site between floors on multi-storey buildings etc, with ease.

The diameter of the Standard unit is 4000mm. The depth overall is 380mm but when site planning it is recommended that the finished height of the Turntable be 25mm to 100 mm above the surrounding ground.

This allows:

a) Turning away storm-water
b) Reducing excavation (or other) depth allowance
c) Allowing the vehicle driver to feel exactly when car is on the turntable.
The ramp effect is easily formed when surround concrete is being formed.

The most inexpensive procedure on-site is to:

  1. Pour a 150mm reinforced concrete slab (using F.82 weldmesh or D1O at 300mm centres) to finish at the desired height, after considering the recommendation in the paragraph above on depth.
  2. Install the Turntable - allow 2 days work time.
  3. Provide concrete form work around the perimeter of the turntable using the deck to support the form- work at the top and some ramset blocks of timber below. After concreting and removal of the formwork you should have a minimum of 1Omm clearance around.

ELECTRIC DRIVE DETAIL If an electric drive unit is to be used you will need to provide a recess in the surrounding concrete to house the motor drive equipment.

Supply power ducting to the recess with three phase power if there is a choice, otherwise single phase.

This recess is of the same depth as the centre base concrete slab and should measure 550mm x 550mm (inside dimensions) with provision for a strong lid. Place the recess preferably away from the busy traffic area, between the wheel tracks or similar.

FORMING SURROUND AND MOTOR DRIVE RECESS To allow other construction work to flow freely, simply leave an approximate 4.5 metre sq. area in the floor housing of the Turntable. Place the electric drive recess 650mm x 650mm inside wherever it is convenient.

The drive unit consists of a maximum half h.p. 3 phase or single phase worm gear drive. This has a friction wheel which drives against the outer ring of the Turntable, giving a turning speed of 2 rpm, which can be varied if required.

Carousel Vehicle Turntables

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