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Carousel Vehicle Turntables


Carousel Frequently Asked Questions

What maintenance is required? Practically none. Grease one grease point 6-monthly.
Do we have to have drainage from the pit? Yes, a water outlet is desirable.
Can children get hurt playing on the turntable? No more likely than any other situation such as doors jamming fingers etc. 100% safety record.
How much room do I need to place a turntable?  The length of the cars likely to be using it. 5 metres in diameter is average size.
Where should it be positioned? Preferably where it can be accessed by all vehicles. Those in the garage and any casuals such as visitors. Just outside the garage is best.
What would happen if a heavy vehicle tried to drive upon it? Our turntable can handle 2 Tonnes on the edge, but any vehicle heavier should not use it. (2 Tonnes will allow say a delivery van or similar, but care must be taken not to exceed this loading!)
Do I need a flat area as my situation is not level? A flat level area is not necessary. The turntable can be angled as much as you wish. It will still operate perfectly. However, in these situations it is really better to use a drive unit rather than a manually turned method.

Carousel Vehicle Turntables

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