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If anyone is hesitating about purchasing one of Ian Webb's CARousel turntables, I can assure them that I have never regretted the day I decided to have one installed on a very steep section in Opua.

In order to get my car off the road, and to turn it, I had obtained a design for a sort of turning platform hanging out over the steep bank and road, but it would also have involved excavating under my house. I was not happy about it, and hunted around for a turntable. I discovered Ian Webb and his design for the CARousel, and my problems were solved.

So 11 years ago Ian installed the turntable and I obtained peace of mind over the ease of turning my car , its security and the fact that I did not have to reverse down a steep drive onto the road. Even without the remote control the CARousel is beautifully balanced and easy to turn.

An added bonus is that the CARousel has considerably increased the value of my property.

I can thoroughly recommend Ian Webb's design of CARousel and am pleased to show it to anyone interested.

Mrs June Crowden
Ph / Fax (649) 402 8064

I am writing to tell you how pleased we are with the CARousel installed at our house.

As you know we live down a long awkward right-of-way. To leave a good turn-around area at the end would have meant severely restricting the garage area when we built. Reversing up or down the drive is out of the question. With a CARousel and, using a remote, we have no problem. We just drive onto the CARousel and, using the remote, turn the car and drive into the garage. Vice versa when leaving. The alternative button control on the wall means visitors can turn themselves around even if we are not at home.

The CARousel copes with most vehicles including long wheel-base vans and light trucks. It seemed expensive at first, but being so well engineered, and virtually maintenance free, it is a good investment.

Unexpected gains from the CARousel are that it is always a talking point and, if I ever wanted to shift, certainly a selling point for the house.

As you know this is the second CARousel I have installed and I would have no hesitation in recommending the product to anyone with awkward or restricted access.

Dick ingham
13c Takutai Ave
Buckland's Beach
Auckland NZ

The first anniversary of successfully relocating the turntable on to the new parking platform is coming up and I thought I would let you know how well it is performing.

As you are aware, in the previous situation there was absolutely no alternative to backing out into the traffic, under the new set-up we now have ample room to back and fill so we could come out of the drive frontwards. However, there is no way we would be without the turntable both on the grounds of better space utilisation and physical comfort. We old guys are not so agile in neck turning for backing as we used to be.

Although a property may allow the physical  capability of turning at the end of a driveway, the installation of one of your turntables is not really just a luxury, it adds value to a property  and considerably enhances the owner's enjoyment of life.

Feel free to use our property as a demonstration model for prospective customers if you wish. It says much for the workmanship that it has now been operating without a problem for over 10 years in the very harsh environment of the coast.

Barrie Hopkins
Ph (649) 303 2576
Fax (649) 309 0100

The product has performed consistently to our entire satisfaction. In the shared right of way situation without turning room at the end - such as we have here - the turntable is an invaluable asset. We are now able to park six cars with a clear driveway down one side, so that all residents enjoy the facility of off street parking and being able to drive off and onto a busy road without backing.

While neither of us who own the properties using the CARousel have any thought of selling, we have no doubt that the value of our properties has been enhanced through a fuller enjoyment of them by this facility in the way of off street parking and free access.

True, the installation seems expensive as an upfront cost, but it is relative to other major items in a development or home improvement costing. For our part, we would not have considered undertaking the extensive renovation and landscaping  unless access could be improved. Thus the CARousel was an integral part of the planning and its cost ingredient just another item one complains about at the time, but in retrospect is recognised as money well spent.

Barrie Hopkins
Ph (649) 303 2576
Fax (649) 309 0100

In January of this year the Fortune Theatre installed a 7 metre diameter turntable into its main stage. The purpose was largely to facilitate scenery changes. CARousel was awarded the contract  because not only was their quoted price very competitive, but also we thought their specialisation in this field would be an advantage.

I can say without qualification that the Fortune Theatre is delighted with the turntable. The craftsmanship and overall quality of the unit more than met our expectations and the co-operation of the company and meeting of all deadlines were very much appreciated by the theatre.

Already used successfully in productions, the turntable is proving to be a great asset for our theatre.

Campbell Thomas
Ph (649) 477 1292
Fax (649) 477 6791

In July this year we purchased a CARousel vehicle turntable. We are well pleased with it, including the service we received from the retailer.

On the market now, in our opinion, is a product that has been fully researched and developed by its inventor, and that is a very viable alternative to expensive and space consuming vehicle turn around space. The full value of this unit is exercised in cases where space is at a premium, or the natural appearance of the ground is required to be retained, as in our case.

We would have no hesitation in suggesting to anyone in the above type of situation that they consider this novel and very practical solution to any vehicle access and exit problem.

We wish the product well, as we believe it to be a good one, especially liking the portability of the components.

Mr & Mrs D Faulkner
11 Gills Dr


Bay of Islands, NZ

My wife and I had a new house built at this address in 1989. The house is on a steep hill with a curved drive leading from the street to the carport. Since there was no space to turn a car at the top of the drive we decided to have a turntable built. We had arrived in Wellington and seen them on the short narrow street that runs to the west from Lambton Quay and on a ferry that ran to the Sounds.

At the time we were in our late fifties and I was looking ahead to the time when we might find it difficult to back down the drive.

The builder knew of Ian Webb's turntables and Ian built the one we have. From the time that we moved in we have used the turntable virtually every day. After going off the drive a number of times we never reversed down the hill again.

The turntable has performed perfectly, with no faults or problems. It requires virtually no maintenance and can take the weight of service trucks that are over a ton in weight. While rain can beat into the carport at times the painted surface has protected the surface very well.

I have maintained contact with Ian over the past decade for I believe he has developed an excellent and useful product. He is a very honest and a dedicated craftsman, justifiably proud of his turntables, and I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone considering installing one.

Ashley Wilson
Ph (649) 521 0112

When I conceived the idea that a turntable would be useful to have I must admit that I had in mind that my wife and I might not use it very much for some years. Because the drive is very steep I thought that as we got older it might be difficult to turn our heads to drive backwards down the drive. In fact we have used it continuously since it was installed and I don't know how we could have managed without it.

I'm very pleased that I thought of the idea of installing a turntable before the design work on our house was completed. I presume that this minimised the cost to me compared to the alternative of post installation. While I have no intention of selling, the interest in the turntable that I get from visitors to the house (especially men) is such that I'm sure it would be a very strong selling feature. It is certainly a value-for-money asset.

Dr AF Wilson
41 Baddeley Ave

We have now been using our turntable for almost 18 months. Right from the first day after it was installed we've been delighted with its performance.

It's wonderful to be able to rotate our cars for easy access into the garage and to be able to drive forwards up the drive rather than having to reverse. Before installing the turntable we were unable to get two cars into our garage.

Our friends really appreciate the convenience of being able to turn their cars also.

Thank you for making available such an essential device.

Michael Daniell
Ph (649) 376 0529

My wife and I purchased this property from the builder/developer in February nearly three years ago.

The property had been on the market for some months and would not sell, we think because of its difficult turning/parking situation. Effectively this meant that whilst we could drive our two cars in and out of the garages, once the doors were shut it was extremely difficult to turn another car. I had spent my life in the motor business and could just manage but with difficulty and our friends found it impossible and the steepness of the drive caused them all sorts of problems if they left their cars in the streets and walked.

The installation of the CARousel has transformed the parking situation. We can now park three or four guest cars in addition to our own and the operation is such that once they have experienced the turntable our friends do the operation themselves. It works very smoothly; almost silently, and has given no trouble. Ian Webb has been pleasant to deal with and the only regret I have is that we didn't do the installation two years earlier.

An interesting side issue arose following the completion of the installation. A land agent who had previously tried to sell this house for the developer and failed because of the drive limitations, phoned and asked if we wanted to sell now the turntable was in operation. This was within the first few days of its operation, and last Friday we had another approach from another who was also interested. It so happens that we are quite happy as we are, but it is heartening to know that when we do want to sell the obstacle has been removed.

AL Roberts
13B Dingle Rd
St Heliers
Auckland NZ

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