Vehicle turntables 

Carousel Vehicle Turntables

Leading the way with 16 years of research and development.

Give Maximum Space Efficiency. The quick, easy, and super-solution for properties which have vehicle access problems.

The perfect answer where council by-laws on manoeuvring space hamper the issue of building permits.

Rugged construction: Is designed and manufactured in New Zealand to NZS 3404, 4203, AS 1250.

Aesthetically pleasing and maintenance free.
A six monthly application of grease is all that is required.
A vehicle turntable adds considerable prestige and value to a property.

A vehicle turntable will service: car parks, garages, town house complexes, tower apartments, office block developments. This will greatly increase parking space allowances.

Custom made to your requirements. Also heavy duty models for trucks in tight access ways.

Eliminates cost of creating large unproductive turning areas.

Steep sloping sites are no problem as a vehicle turntable can be 

a) Mounted upon a single pole or centre support, 
b) Built into a deck structure, 

c) Fastened down on a 150mm concrete slab. 

Site sketches are available.

The Standard Carousel vehicle turntable is designed to carry a distributed load of 4 Tonnes and a perimeter load of 9 kn per wheel.

Other sizes can be supplied large and small. Diameter of a Standard CAROUSEL is 4000mm & Depth is 400mm.

Transportation: Carousel is prefabricated and delivered upon one pallet, which can be unloaded by hand if necessary.

Assembly time: Two days work for one person.

Carousel Vehicle Turntables

National service throughout
New Zealand

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Phone: 09-437-3461
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