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Carousel Vehicle Turntables

Carousel Specifications

Specifications - Standard model Design Certificate: Manufactured to NZS 3404, 4203 & AS 1250

Technical Specifications:

Loading: At any point - 9 kn  
Overall load capacity - 4 Ton  
Load capacity at edge - 9 kn per wheel
Construction: Base Plate size - 1200mm x 1 200mm welded from 127mm x 64mm RHS steel  
Finish - Hot dipped galv. or 2 pot epoxy paint  
Bearing capacity - 10 ton (minimum)  
Decking -Steel tred plate or other
Dimensions: Diameter - 4000mm  
Depth - 380 mm Variable see installation detail
Unique Feature: The Turntable can be angled to 20 degrees (special drive equipment required) on slopes. Support can be given by either
  1. A single tanalised pole 250mm S.E.D.
  2. Multi pole platform
  3. 150mm reinforced concrete slab
General: Site preparation - Responsibility of the purchaser. Full advice given.
Non-standard Models - a quotation will be given.

Location - Suitable for interior and exterior use.

Packaging and freighting - to ensure easy transportation, the CAROUSEL is supplied completely prefabricated and fits on one pallet. Gross weight one ton.

Assembly time - One person two days work.

Carousel Vehicle Turntables

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